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I anticipated your email but was an hour's drive away from another computer 
which, hopefully, allows my message to come through ungarbled. Let's see what 
Outlook running on a MacBook does to the message!



After two weeks meeting with disability groups in Brazil and the Caribbean I 
was able to come back to Bookshare and smoothly  launch the next test of our 
Image Description Tool. Thanks to the work of our engineers, other staff, and 
volunteers this phase is built around a redesigned tool.

For those who have not seen it in action the link below will take you to the 
tool preloaded with a public domain book in DAISY with Images format:


I know that some who have been doing this work already are eager to learn the 
details of working with the new interface. The public version of those details 
were posted here on the DIAGRAM site yesterday:


Right now we have need for two types of volunteers in this order.

First, we need volunteers to go through the first 50 books we have loaded on 
the Image Description Server. The task is to mark each image in the lefthand 
column as Yes or No regarding "Should be described." The criteria is whether or 
not the image has educational content in the context of the surrounding text or 
whether it is just "eye candy" marking a section break or adding visual appeal.

Then, we need volunteers to pass through the streamlined books to describe the 
remaining images concisely and accurately. Training materials are available as 
separate documents and the tool itself contains a valuable set of Help Files 

If you want to join in for an image, or a chapter, or a whole book just contact 
me. I will assign you a priority item to tackle!

Scott Rains

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My jaws won’t read this.

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