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Not Sue, but--I checked and it's rated Excellent. I
thought I saw the title recently, but it wasn't added
within the last month. I don't know when it was added;
the number is 46799 but I don't know what that's based
on. The fact that it's rated Excellentand is as Jill
describes is isturbing.


--- Jill O'Connell <jillocon@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Sue, I would be interested to know how the book was
> rated by Bookshare. I am finding that more and more
> books I read are rated excellent but are at best
> good if one takes literally that excellent means
> "almost no errors." I read them in braille as that
> is my preference but believe that those mistakes
> would be present in the synthesized version as well.
> Jill
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>   Hi All,
>   I downloaded Moments In Time, by Mariah Stewart,
> for pleasure reading and am very disappointed in the
> copy.  A lot of the pages are repeated, which is
> annoying, and there are all kinds of extra
> characters.  Does anyone want to check the Daisy
> coopy of this file?  I downloaded the BRF copy.
>   Thanks,
>   Sue S.
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