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I am 22 and I like it.  I also like adult fantasy
books like books by Terry Brooks and the Belgariad

The books were a Christmas present for my mom.  My Dad
(who rarely reads) also has enjoyed them.

You definitely need to read the first book first. 
It's on bookshare.  The third book just came out and
we hope to get that soon.

Dad scans all the books.

Right now he's doing the Fablehaven series, then
Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer.

--- Evan Reese <mentat1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Are these books that adults can enjoy? I heard her
> synopsis of the one she 
> just submitted and I thought it sounded intriguing.
> But some kids books just 
> don't work for adults and some work very well, so I
> was wondering.
> Evan
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>   Sue, I'm really glad you're working on
> Christamae's book. It'll be great 
> to see it in the collection.
>   Monica Willyard

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