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Yes, that is a real oversight.  However, I just tried to find it and it 
appears to be gone from Step 1 now.  I'm not a fantasy buff either, but you 
are right, Monica, Christamae's submissionns are good scans.

Sue S.

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Hi, Christamae. I hope someone is already working on your book as I write 
this message. Quality scans like yours deserve attention. I am finishing up 
a couple of validations this weekend and will write myself a note to look 
for your book as soon as I can download another file. You have been patient, 
and I know you'd like to see your book in the collection. I don't generally 
read fantasy, and I assumed that since we have so many people who do like 
that genre that someone would take it. If it's there this weekend, I will 
take it to work on. Who knows. Maybe I'll find a new kind of book that I 
like. I'm setting a reminder in my alarm program right now so I will be sure 
to get it processed for you.

Monica Willyard

ldspeaker17@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
I submitted Leven Thumps and the whispered secret over
6 months ago in WYNN format-I Now Submitted it RTF.

It's already been completely proofread and fixed and
will be an easy validation.  It's a good fantasy book.

Bookshare already has the first and I know, for me, I
love to have multiple books from a series...

Could someone please validate???




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