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Hi everyone!

I was tought the spelling of cooky too, so my mind had a lot of resistance to spelling it cookie. It just seemed wrong to me, but I know language is changing all the time, sometimes evolving but often these days, devolving imho.


At 03:39 PM 4/8/2010, gwen tweedy wrote
Oh how cool like the older way LOL.

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Hi Jamie. I was taught that cookie should be spelled cooky in my home economics classes in the 70s. It's also spelled that way in a lot of older cookbooks from the 40s through the mid 70s. I was puzzled when I noticed the change in spelling in books starting in the early 80s. It changed quickly, sort of like the pronunciation of Los Angeles which used to be pronounced with a hard g sound by both radio announcers and government officials in the 30s and 40s. Our language really is a living, breathing one that handles changes well.

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Hi Jamie, it will be an easy proof. There are some unusual words in it, like they say:

"We never would have got the lights unsnangled if it hadn't been for him."

And unsnangled is kind of weird you know.

And later they say maybe they can unSTRANGLE them instead of unsnangle them.

And one time so far they call a deli a delly.

And a cooky sheet.

And one time they call it a stero instead of stereo so far.

And a torn legament instead of a ligament.

That's what I've found so far. Other than the strange words I think you'll have an easy time proofreading so when it's ready I'll put hold for Jamie P.
Jamie in Michigan

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