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In MIlwaukee, I was told it was cheaper to have AUPS do the delivering of
inter-Library books than to have their own trucks.  That one totally amazed


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> Shelley, I think  the cost of sending books between libraries and between
library systems varies with
> the venue, and I would suspect that that cost will be passed on to the
borrower. Los Angeles (city)
> Public Library doesn't charge borrowers for books from other branches, and
they have a truck delivery
> system. There is a charge for borrowing from a different system, like the
County, but I forget how much
> they told me that was. San Diego (city) Public Library, however, does
charge for a book if one requests it
> online (to go from one branch to another). However, if the patron calls
the branch that has the book and
> asks them to deliver it to the branch where one wants to pick it up, there
is no charge. Isn't that strange?
> But for SD County, there is no charge for intra-library loans.
> I suspect, with the financial crisis in our state that is filtering down
into local areas, there might be
> charges all over the place. At the moment, our library has a hiring
freeze, so when a librarian or an aide
> moves, he or she cannot be replaced. Some of the work that can be done by
volunteers is being done
> that way, to allow the librarians more time to be on the desk and do jobs
that volunteers cannot do. They
> tell me they may have to shorten hours, too, sooner or later. I remembered
when that happened a
> number of years ago, and it's makes life difficult for a lot of people/
> Cindy
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