[bksvol-discuss] Interlibrary load

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  • Date: Sat, 03 Jul 2004 16:27:11 -0500

Shelley, I think  the cost of sending books between libraries and between 
library systems varies with 
the venue, and I would suspect that that cost will be passed on to the 
borrower. Los Angeles (city) 
Public Library doesn't charge borrowers for books from other branches, and they 
have a truck delivery  
system. There is a charge for borrowing from a different system, like the 
County, but I forget how much 
they told me that was. San Diego (city) Public Library, however, does charge 
for a book if one requests it 
online (to go from one branch to another). However, if the patron calls the 
branch that has the book and 
asks them to deliver it to the branch where one wants to pick it up, there is 
no charge. Isn't that strange? 
But for SD County, there is no charge for intra-library loans.

I suspect, with the financial crisis in our state that is filtering down into 
local areas, there might be 
charges all over the place. At the moment, our library has a hiring freeze, so 
when a librarian or an aide 
moves, he or she cannot be replaced. Some of the work that can be done by 
volunteers is being done 
that way, to allow the librarians more time to be on the desk and do jobs that 
volunteers cannot do. They 
tell me they may have to shorten hours, too, sooner or later. I remembered when 
that happened a 
number of years ago, and it's makes life difficult for a lot of people/

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