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Hi Siovhan,
When my wife signed me up for Christmas last  year, she gave them the National 
Library Servis as the source of disability varification.  I  believe they 
needed the state and city of the branch that serves us.  They said they checked 
every Wednesday, and it went through very quickly.
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  Hi all.  I just bought a new cell phone, the Motorola Razor v3.  Does anyone 
know if bookshare would have that?  I figured I'd give this a shot, since my 
brother who has it says it's horrible and you tend to hit buttons all the time. 
 I also need to check up on my proof of disability, I haven't gotten it yet and 
I'd like to actually read, not just validate smile.  Thanks for reading,
  Siobhan  I mean the manual.

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