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HI Lisa, 


It sounds like you are doing a good job. Even though this is a big change to
the way things have been done I do think in the end requiring a rescan does
make the most sense. Keep up the good work:-)



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Katie Hill 



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Hi everyone,

Here's our summary of the process for correcting books with bad content - 
the issue we were discussing on the list for the last couple of days.

Bookshare.org is now requesting that books be rescanned if a volunteer 
wishes to improve a book in the collection. Here's why:

After reviewing the various options for converting books in the collection 
to one of the formats required for submission, it has been determined that 
unfortunately, there is no way to convert a book already in the collection 
to a submission format without an unnacceptable reduction in the subsequent 
quality of the books navigation. 

Depending on which option would be used, the resulting file will be missing 
page breaks or page numbers, and it may be missing formatting such as bold, 
italic, underlining or text size.  Since the loss of quality could be as 
much, if not more, than the quality gained by cleaning up the text, 
Bookshare.org has decided that it is in the best interests of its members at

this time for books to be rescanned if a volunteer wishes to improve the 
quality of a book.

Thanks, Lisa and the Bookshare.org team 

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