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Amy, the short description needs to be  two hundred characters or less, not 
two hundred words. The long description can be up to five hundred words. I 
always write them up in K1000 and then go to the Properties section of the 
file to see how many characters are in it. It has become a bit of a game to 
see how close I can get to two hundred without going over, since it is 
rather challenging to say very much that is meaningful about a book in two 
hundred characters or less. <smile>


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  The last three books I submitted were kicked back because my short 
description - you know, the one that has to be under 200 words, were too 
long. Each description was under 100 to begin and the last 2 that were 
rejected were under 40.  I finally got it down to 25 but really now! I think 
they want something else and we need a better description of what short is.


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