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If they are not serious about this being a great opportunity for those to earn 
money like themselves, and to benefit those who can read many well-proofed 
books not by them, then why bother? I believe in encouraging them, so if 
someone can somehow pass this along to them that they should really reconsider 
doing better when proofreading and or scanning, though scanning can be a beast 
sometimes, proofreading should be easy if they follow the basics of the manual 
if second language is English I feel so sorry for them and for those who have 
to bounce back the request to them.
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  I don't understand why they don't.
  They're not volunteers, right?  As far as I know, they get paid for their 
time and, if that's true, they should be held accountable for their work.
  I know that's harsh but I think it's also fair.

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    Nah, they don't read through their scans. I've mentioned here before that 
there was evidence to show that they didn't, and this just adds to it.


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      I just finished reading Impulse by Ellen Hopkins, which was added to the 
collection by an outsourcing group in Africa. This is one of the worst 
outsourced scans I've seen. In fact, I wonder if anyone bothered to proof it at 

      The book switched point of view often, and there was no indication of 
this in the scan. Therefore, it was impossible to know which character was 
speaking at any given time. In fact, due to the lack of headers, it was 
impossible to determine how many narrators even existed.

      I saw several very common scanning errors that could have been fixed, if 
only the book had been read through. "hail" for "hall" is an example.

      I really looked forward to reading this book, but was sorely disappointed 
by the scan. It really does need to be redone, IMO.

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