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I proofed Identical by Ellen Hopkins. If all her books are set up like that 
one, and it appears from your comments that they may be, they'll have to be 
proofed carefully by a sighted person. In Identical, each narrator's story was 
on a different page, the page of one following the page of the other, with 
sentences by one person finished on he next page by the other. The only 
indicatin of a change was the page heading, and the tone of the story. 
Sometimes several pages continued by one narrator before the next one picked 
up. I haven't read any of her other books, and maybe the set-up was only 
because this book was about identical twins. I found the book interesting, and 
provocative, and well worth being in the collection. I'd be happy to proof any 
of her books, but at the moment I have 5 to work on.
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> Subject: [bksvol-discuss] Comments on Impulse by Ellen Hopkins
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> I just finished reading
> Impulse by Ellen Hopkins, 
> which was added to the collection by an outsourcing group
> in Africa. This is one 
> of the worst outsourced scans I've seen. In fact, I
> wonder if anyone bothered to 
> proof it at all.
> The book switched point of
> view often, and there 
> was no indication of this in the scan. Therefore, it was
> impossible to know 
> which character was speaking at any given time. In fact,
> due to the lack of 
> headers, it was impossible to determine how many narrators
> even 
> existed.
> I saw several very common
> scanning errors that 
> could have been fixed, if only the book had been read
> through. "hail" for "hall" 
> is an example.
> I really looked forward to
> reading this book, but 
> was sorely disappointed by the scan. It really does need to
> be redone, 
> IMO.


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