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Sorry, I cannot resist, an anal party!  Talk about kinky?  

Rose Combs

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I have been active in another group that does have an anal meeting. They
move it around that country each year to make it easy over time for
to make it. 

I know for me it has been wonderful getting into the world of digital
and scanning. Many books I have wanted to read have been a little off
beaten path. Between scanning some and beginning to find some here on
site I love it! I am already behind or should have say have a number
waiting in my reading queue. So many books and so little time:) Hmmmmm,
guess I am going to have to get one of the portable readers and listen
book while out paddling on the river! 

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We really should have volunteer get togethers at a central location at
point. Even if we need to split it into different parties depending on 
location and transportation, it would be fun! I feel like I know many of

so well, and it would be great to meet some of you!

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> Hi Everyone,
> I love this list. I think I'm going to miss out on a fun convention.
> You guys just let us know when the party is, and we'll party here with

> you! <grin> lol.
> I love to sit outside and read a good book on my loving Voice note,
> drink a cold beer. Cheers to the BookShare Volunteers and staff! One
> round! lol.
> Lovings!
> Pat Ferguson
> At 10:11 PM 6/3/05, you wrote:
>>Oh, Cindy, believe me some of it is literal, smile.
>>I met up with Pratik, Guido, Donna Smith, Louis, and Gustavo, at the
>>Pittsburgh ACB convention what was it two years ago, and I honestly
>>think Cristo's Greek Grill will think of blind people ever the same
>>again.  Was quite a lot of fun, and not a lot of alcohol, not really 
>>We were their only customers that night but we stayed three hours, and
>>all the courses, including dessert, yum, and talked of a lot of things
>>including Christian Romances from the nether region, smile.
>>But it was fun, and getting there was great too, as I think Gustavo
>>only one who was normally sighted out of the group.  But such fun, and
>>Guido, is really that interesting in person.
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>>As you can probably tell by now, things here on the
>>list get pretty crazy before conventions. The party
>>hats and other things that guido probably will bring,
>>like bottle of wine and stronger stuff to drink to
>>Marissa's health are probably virtual. Everybody seems
>>to have so much real fun, ithough, as well as virtual
>>fun -- and sees so much new and wonderful technology
>>-- and now IBM is having job interviews.  Wonderful.
>>Have fun all of you. We atay-at-homes will miss you.
>>(Maybe you'll find a replacement for Marissa there --
>>I  nominate Carrie, though,m or doesn't she want a
>>full-time job.)
>>   What
>> > party hats?
>> >
>> >
>> >
>> > Kasondra Payne
>> >
>> >
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