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Just submitted
America's Last Wild Horses
By Hope Ryden

Under the .txt section of the website, apparently I removed too many 
"format" markers to make the book able to be translated into .rtf.  However, 
I do have page breaks still in the file, for whoever tries to validate.
The text is excellent, all pages accounted for, might be a couple of 
duplicates near the back wanted to finish reading and didn't remove them. 
Cahpter numbers may need checked as I lost count, smile.  And most page 
numbers are available some were a bit difficult to figure out JFJ doesn't 
give you much to go on when your Scanner has decided that 1,2,7,9 or 3 could 
be a J.

Besides these an easy validation for someone.  And a great read.

From the book Jacket:
                                        "A richly researched and  written 
book with an unusual appeal." -Publishers Weekly

"This book is a treat for everyone who knows
or cares about horses."
-Cleveland Amory

No wild animal captures the spirit of North America quite so powerfully as 
the wild horse-nor has any faced such diverse and potent enemies. In this 
provocative account, Hope Ryden-who helped to ensure the passage of the Wild 
and Free-Roaming Horse and Burro Act, which grants mustangs special 
protection-combs the history of these proud and noble horses; Descended from 
the Spanish horses ridden by the conquistadors, they evolved into the tough 
and intelligent ponies that Indians-and later, explorers and cowboys-learned 
to rely on. From the period when wholesale extermination of the buffalo was 
underway until recent times, commercial and political interests have sought 
to eliminate the wild horses as varmints.
In the latest update to this classic story Ryden tells of the successes: and 
failures in the past ten years of regulation, and has added stunning new 
color photographs. The subject of a front-page article in The New York 
Times. when it was first published, america's last wild horses continues to 
be a compelling testament to the life of a uniquely American symbol of grace 
and wildness, and is a must read for horse lovers and Western history 
enthusiast!, everywhere.

  HOPE RYDEN is the award-winning author of over twenty books on wild 
animals, including God's Dog, Bobcat Year. Lily Pond, and Mid Horses Heaven 
Known. She lives in Wolf Lake. New York.

Shelley L. Rhodes and Judson, guiding golden
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Graduate Advisory Council

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