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--- On Thu, 8/21/08, Liz Halperin <lizzers2@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> From: Liz Halperin <lizzers2@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: pls fwd to vol list?
> To: "BS Vol Grandma Cindy" <popularplace@xxxxxxxxx>
> Date: Thursday, August 21, 2008, 12:10 AM
> From Liz Halperin: I just uploaded Riki Anne Wilchin's
> "Read My Lips: Sexual
> Subversion and the End of Gender." This is another
> book for the gender
> studies collection. Only 210 pages (including blank pages
> and copyright,
> etc.), it's a fast and entertaining read. Wilchins has
> a wonderful sense of
> humor, poking fun at herself and all the topics. It is
> rated Adult Content
> for language and because some sexually explicit sections
> would be considered
> eroticism. I cleaned up all the formatting and scanning
> errors, a very clean
> copy to validate.  I hope someone does it soon: I'm
> leaving the topic and
> moving on now. It would be nice to know who validates it,
> but not necessary.
> ____
> Liz Halperin and Aziza,
> The Intrepid Travelers Return
> Portland, OR
> lizzers2@xxxxxxxxxxx

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