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I can go get it. I won't get much done this week, but after Saturday I should 
be clear.


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  Hi everyone. Do any of you have time to do an easy proofreading favor for me? 
In October, I submitted a book called The Fifth Man (Sequel To Oxygen), by John 
Olson and Randall Scott Ingermanson. I try to keep my print books until they're 
approved. I borrowed this one though, and I have to give it back on January 21. 
Does anyone have time to work on it before I lose access to the print book?

  This should be an easy proofreading job. I've stripped headers, adjusted the 
fonts for chapter headings, ran the spellchecker, and read the book completely. 
I think the only thing that needs done is reading the book to see what I might 
have missed. I'd appreciate any help you can provide. 

  The book is a combination of thriller, romance, and realistic science fiction 
of what it would be like for four of our astronauts to go on the first space 
trip to Mars. The prequel is already on Bookshare. Here's what the book is 

  The sequel to the award-winning Oxygen. Courage and self-sacrifice have 
finally brought the crew of Ares 10 safely to the planet Mars. They 
enthusiastically begin the mission they were sent to perform. Though working 
under dangerous conditions and experiencing strained relationships, the 
astronauts are encouraged by fascinating discoveries that seem to point to the 
presence of microscopic life on the planet. But their work is disrupted when 
frightening sabotage, like that of the trip to Mars, begins again. Is the 
"fifth man" alien or human? In this exciting sequel to Christie-award winning 
"Oxygen," high-stakes action, fascinating characters, and exciting romance will 
captivate both male and female readers. 

  Monica Willyard
  "The best way to predict the future is to create it." -- Peter Drucker

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