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The first nuclear bomb Little Boy was dropped on Hiroshima Japan August 6, 1945 
at 08:15:17. That fission bomb bombarded a uranium 235/92U atom with a neutron 
1/0n –> giving 141/56 Ba + 92/36K + 31/0n.The explosive power was equal to 
13,500 tons of TNT. The temperature of the fireball was estimated to have been 
a million degrees. The shock wave traveled at the speed of sound, 11,000 feet 
per second, causing the temperature 3/4 of a mile away to reach 5,400 degrees 
Fahrenheit; continuing to travel out a distance of one mile destroying all non 
reinforced  buildings. An estimated 70,000 casualties in the initial explosion 
and another 30,000 died because of radiation and injuries. I am not certain the 
type of radiation emitted (1/0n a nuetron) but the casualties where low. 
Today's hydrogen bombs combine two hydrogen 2/1H +2/1H atoms to form —> 4/2He 
bomb which emits a low penetrating (can be stopped by clothing and distance) 
alpha particle which is a nucleus of a Helium 4/2He atom minus its electrons. 
The loss of two electrons gives the He ion a +2 charge. The helium ion is to 
large to penetrate more that a 1/4 inch below skin and can be shielded by 
clothing and distance. However once ingested into the body through breathing or 
eating this highly charged particle will cause major damage including DNA 
re-sequencing. The energy of a hydrogen bomb is 500,000,000 tons of TNT causing 
a one mile wide crater, a three mile wide fireball,a ten mile high one hundred 
mile wide radioactive cloud of alpha particles will follow the wind, with sever 
to moderate explosive damage out 7 miles and light damage out 10 miles. 
Ultimately 150 sq. miles of damage. Again alpha radiation can be shielded with 
clothing and a wet cloth or gas mask over the face. Provided one is not in the 
7 mile circumference blast zone and follows proper radiation protocol the 
survival rate is good. 
A fission explosion is used to start the fusion bomb so both bombs give off 
gamma and x-rays during the initial explosion but the range of his is limited 
to maybe 3 miles which explains the burns sustained by victims.
Movie: Rain of Ruin

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