[bactttoma] Book review Killoe by Louis L'amour. Western Novel.

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Available in braille in One Volume.

Texas was a land, a land for the taking, but a man had to get there first, then 
had to fight to take it.

Louis L'amour does it yet again.

One of the gratest authorsof western novels writes yet another novel describing 
the battles of the West in this case Texas.

Dan Killoe the main character of this book tells us the story of a crouded 
Texas, the search for new land, the fights with other white bushwackers over 
cattle, and the struggle to outsmart the cattle stealers and the white man and 
the indian alike.

Dan is quick with the gun, you have to be in the west.

This book is set in Texas in 1858.

The book is full of interesting tales of the characters, the adventure for new 
uncrouded land, the driving and safe keeping of cattle, and there is a  really 
good old fashioned gun fight which L'amour does real justice to with words.

Oh and there is a woman thrown in to the mix as well.

The book is only 211 pages in braille and in one braille volume done by the 
American Printing House for the Blind in 1972.

The book in print was published in 1962, and I loved every minute of this 
thrilling and gripping western novel.

The end is a climax which is fantastic to read.

The braille is still in excellent condition but this could be a remastered copy.

So if it is westerns you like and you like reading braille, put this one on 
your request list through Vision australia and you won't be disappointed.

My only disappointment, this book was to short, would have loved more gun 

Hey, I only like reading about gun fights ok, wouldn't have one myself.


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