[bactttoma] Free to heir digital television.

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  • Date: Fri, 30 Apr 2010 10:55:48 +1000

Hi folks.

Most of you probably  know that analogue television will be switched off by the 
year 2013.

To get details in your area point your browser to  www.digitalready.gov.au an 
extremely accessible website.

Here is the list of digital free to heir channels.

go 7 2 1 h d abc 2 abc 3 sbs 2 sbs h d and abc hd.

If you have a set top box you will find several abc digital radio stations.

They are.

Abc dig, abc dig jaz and abc dig country.

Be aware you will need sighted assistance to read the text headlines and all 
the other text stuff on your television screen.

Now question is are set top boxes accessible?

Without sighted assistance, the answer is definitely not.

First, if you buy a set top box, you have to enter a default pin to start the 
search for your channels.

The default pin for most set top boxes is 0000 but check with the manual which 
comes with the set top box.

After you enter the pin the box does a search and finds your nearest 
transmitters of the new digital signal.

If you want to have favourites which can be done with most set top boxes, you 
will again need sighted assistance.

If you don't  want the trouble of a set top box, you need a television with at 
least the 1080 i capacity.

This will give you what is called standard digital definition.

If you truly want hd which you will need to access the hd channels in the hd 
format you need 1080 p.

Note, all current free to heir hd channels work on standard digital definition, 
you just don't get the hd visual effects but if you are blind, you won't need 
them anyway.

3 d television is now in Australia at Harvy Norman, but a complete waste of 
money for people who are blind.

To take advantage of 3 d, you need vision for a start and glasses with 3 d 

So don't bother with 3 d you won't need it.

For foxtel users.

Foxtel have 20 channels in hd which requires you to have a 1080 i television.

Don't bother wasting your money with foxtel hd it is nothing but repeats of 
normal foxtel programs anyway.

Foxtel units can not be connected to set top boxes to receive the hd channels 
on foxtel.



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