[bactttoma] Book review Harry Poter and the deafly hallows. by J K Rolling.

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Harry Potter and the Deafly Hallows.

by J K Rolling.

I am probably a little too grown up for this type of reading, but I read this 
book anyway.

My disappointment is that it was in unified braille code and there was 
absolutely no guide for the new contractions or punctuation marks, I am sending 
a note to Va about this one.

The final instalment the author assures us of the tales of Harry Potter the boy 
who lived despite the killing curse of the famous or infamous Lord Voldermalt.

Harry and his 2 friends take off on the final adventure, to find the remaining 
horcruxes and to face the final battle with Voldermalt.

If you are not in to deaf, you won't like this book.

Characters die, others are forced to run and the mudbloods the muggles who have 
magical wizard powers  are slain by the dozens.

Dumbledor is dead but the struggle goes on without him with the remaining order 
of the phenix and the power and might of the ministry of magic.

The dursley's are taken in to hiding, but not before Dudly repents of his miss 
treatment of Harry.

Many people show their true colours at last.

We learn the truth of Snape, his secret love for Harry's mother.

We read about the wedding of Bill Weesley now a somewhat half wolf to Flur the 
beauty queen of Bow Battone.

But the wedding is ended when the ministry falls to the dark side and the deaf 
eaters show up.

Harry and his 2 friends escape and finally discover the truth of the note 
written by RAB.

But they were left presents in Dumbledors will and Harry's present can't be 
figured out.

I won't tell you how  it is eventually revealed, it will spoil the ending of 
the book for you.

The adventure begins and the 3 friends face trials of all sorts.

They split up and it is here we start finding out about the help beyond the 

We also discover at last the truth about Dumbledor.

It is Himeony's present which leads them to the lovegood house, where they only 
narrowly escape again.

But then Harry breaks the jinks and they are taken prisoner and end up at the 
Melfoi's house.

Well, I won't tell you how they are rescued, but it is thrilling to say the 

Then they take on gringots bank and this escape is thrilling as well.

Then there is the final battle right in Hogwarts itself.

People are killed including a Weesley, I won't tell you which one.

Then there is the final of all the face offs between Harry and Voldermalt.

You will have to read it yourself.

I must say, I was disappointed with the ending of this book, I was hoping for a 
more thrilling ending.

The author has gone on public record herself saying she had to change the 
ending to keep the fans happy.

The book contains 37 chapters and it is a long book 16 braille volumes in total.

Well, if you are a fan, you will like the book, personally it was  not my 
favourite Harry Potter adventure, book 6 won this hands down.

If you are going to read this book, I recommend book 6 at least before you 

The audio version read by Steven Fry is absolutely excellent.


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