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Since the year 2000, Meade stock has fallen from almost $40 per share to
19 cents today!

They are struggling for their very survival.  Why?  Given the resurgence
of amateur astronomy, the obvious answer would be to say poor
management.  While the reality is a bit more complicated, that's pretty
much it in a nutshell.  Even in light of fierce competition, one would
think that a well-managed company, in today's hot market, could do

The new ETX-LS is their only hope of recovery.  (Much like the original
ETX pulled them out of the doldrums of the 90's).

Darrell Spencer

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In the recent issue of S&T I couldn't help being struck by Meade's 
sparsity of ads and the numerous ads that have the banner name 


Stan Gorodenski
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