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Hi Stan, I could be wrong but I thought Meade moved its operation to
Mexico a few years back. Not much of a disadvantage over labor costs,
maybe not..?


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>               What's Happening to Meade
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>Subject: What's Happening to Meade
>In the recent issue of S&T I couldn't help being struck by Meade's
>sparsity of ads and the numerous ads that have the banner name
>Celestron. Meade has a full page ad for the new six inch ETX-LS for
>$1300 and then another 1/4 page ad for some of their other telescopes.
>In contrast, there were many ads of retailers showing the Celestron
>telescopes. If I were in the market now and a novice I would be
>influenced to buy Celestron just because of the number of ads. What's
>happening? I know Celestron can also make a good telescope, but what is
>causing the sudden (relatively speaking) proliferation of Celestron. I
>can see two causes: The Celestron telescope has a higher profit margin
>(because they are Chinese telescopes)  for retailers and so they are
>pushing Celestron, or because of the financial troubles Meade is going
>through, maybe there is not enough a supply of their telescopes for
>retailers. Any other ideas? Also, do you think Meade has the right
>strategy by hanging their hat on the 6" ETX-LS? $1500 for the ACF
>version which seems pretty expensive for a 6".
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