[AZ-Observing] Request for help in siting a remote telescope

  • From: Brent A Archinal <barchinal@xxxxxxxx>
  • To: AZ-Observing@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 22 Dec 2004 11:43:42 -0700

All -

The Coconino Astronomical Society recently (December 18) received the 
e-mail below, from a Huw Davies in Britain, inquiring about finding a site 
to locate a remote telescope.  We (actually Padraig Houlahan) have already 
sent him a brief reply that we would forward his message on to others who 
might be willing to help or at least have suggestions - hence this e-mail 
to all of you on the az-observing list.  So if you do have any comments or 
suggestions for Davies, I'd recommend replying to him directly at the 
address he gives below.

- Brent Archinal

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FROM: Huw Davies (huwlldavies@xxxxxxxxxxx) 

 Dear Sir/Madam, 

My name is Huw Davies.  I am an amateur astronomer from Britain.  As I am 
sure you know Britain is cold, damp and overcast.  Not a great climate for 
This is why I am writing to you.  I plan to site a 16 inch Meade reflector 
somewhere with clear skies and away from light pollution.  I understand 
you have 300 clear nights per year. 

I intend to connect the telescope to a CCD camera and operate it via a 
modem, and upload the images onto the internet for amateur astronomers to 
view, for a small fee. I hope to take part in comet, asteroid and 
supernovae hunts, as well as, photograph Messier objects and the New 
General Catalogue.

My reason for writing to you is to ask whether you know of anyone who 
would be willing to help by finding a suitable site to locate the 
telescope.  Ideally it should be flat, free of light pollution and have an 
electricity and \'phone supply.  I would be happy to pay a premium for the 
right site, and would pay a fee for someone to set up and maintain the 
telescope locally (it would be far cheaper than me flying across the 

If you know of a suitable site for sale or rent, or someone who could 
investigate on my behalf and set up the telescope, could you let my know?

Thank you for your time.


Huw Davies 

 PS If you would rather that I not contact you, email me back, and I shall 
not email again. 

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