[AZ-Observing] Party at Steve Coe's house on March 27th around 7 PM

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  • Date: Sun, 7 Mar 2004 12:38:07 -0700

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Howdy all;

Well, my beautiful wife is going to be out of town so I thought I would =
have a party.  The half moon will be beside Saturn and Jupiter is just =
coming up as the Sun sets, so there is plenty to observe from the =
backyard observatory with the 7 inch Maksutov.  Even if you don't wish =
to look at the sky, there will be plenty of folks to chat with.  Maybe =
we can encourage some of the Flagstaff folks to drive down where it is =
warm or the Tucson gang to come up for a visit.  Either way, let's have =
a fun night.

So, I will buy sodas and ice, if you want something to drink other than =
that then bring it.   I will set out the SAC hat for pizza donations =
once folks arrive and let's have a fun night at my place.  Phone =

Directions and time:  (The attachment is a map to the house)

7:00 PM, Saturday,  March 27th.  Take the I-17 Thunderbird exit and go =
east OR take Hwy 51 Cactus exit and go west.  Either way, get to the =
corner of Thunderbird Road and 7th Street and turn NORTH on 7th Street.  =
Go through the light at Hearn St. and the next right turn available off =
7th is Rowlands Lane.  Turn right on Rowlands and go east.  The house is =
about 8 houses in on the right side, just the other side of a stop sign =
at 10th Street.  If you turn, you went too far.

See you there;
Steve Coe

Author "Deep Sky Observing--The Astronomical Tourist"
Saguaro Astronomy Club website

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