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  • Date: Thu, 2 Dec 2004 13:34:52 -0700

ScopeTronix 5th Annual Scopes for Kids Program

For the last five years ScopeTronix has been donating small quality
telescopes to deserving kids during the holiday season. So far we
have placed dozens of telescopes complete with starter kits in
deserving hands, at no charge.

 From the letters we have received we know that these gifts have
brought much needed cheer at some very sad times in some kids lives,
opened horizons that would have been financially shut on others, and
often been a relief to parents that know their kid loves stargazing
but they can't possibly afford a real telescope this year.

The crew at ScopeTronix considers it a privilege to be in a position
to help and to give back to the astronomical community. We also
challenge other dealers/manufacturers to follow our lead and do
their best this season. Most importantly we wish to thank our valued

Last year 12 very deserving youngsters awoke to find a new ETX 90
complete with eyepieces, a barlow, planisphere, LED light, and a
moon filter under the tree. To some this was truly a dream come
true, beyond any gift they would have asked for. We occasionally
hear from some of them and many have gone on to share astronomy with
many others. Most have no idea anyone but Mom or Santa was ever
involved...and that is just fine with us.

We wish to continue the tradition and place more scopes in deserving
hands this year. The scopes for this year's giveaway are the Meade
ETX-70AT & Celestron 76 PowerSeeker depending on age and ability.
Each will also include an additional eyepiece, barlow, and moon
filter, an LED light, as well as some other goodies.

You can help an underprivileged kid enjoy the splendors of the night
sky, and it won't cost you a dime... just a few precious minutes of
your time. If you know an underprivileged and deserving kid with an
interest in astronomy we want to know about it. Please take the time
to email us.

We do ask that they meet the following qualifications...
-They are 17yrs old or under (but old enough to operate a
-They live in the US (we cannot ship internationally).
-They have shown an interest in astronomy and would greatly
appreciate receiving a telescope as a gift.
-Due to the financial situation of their family they very likely
would not get a telescope for the holidays.
-If there is more than one kid in the household that would enjoy the
scope so much the better, but certainly not necessary.
-Special cases such as handicaps, health problems, loss of loved
one, parent in service overseas, etc. will receive special
-Religion, race, creed, sex, etc will have absolutely no bearing on
our decisions.

Please email us a brief description of why your submission is
deserving of a free telescope. It doesn't have to be a 10 page
essay, just give us the honest facts along with any extenuating
circumstances you may want us to consider. Decisions will be made
before December 19th to allow enough time for shipping before
Christmas. You will be notified if we select your submission. Be
sure to include your email and phone number so we can follow up if
your submission is selected, if we can't reach you we will have to
move on to the next submission due to time constraints. The
telescopes will be sent to a parent, guardian, or family member of
the child so they can be given as a gift, this makes 2 people
happy....not just one ; )

Please send your submission to santa@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx with the
heading "Gift Scope Submission". In the past as many as half of the
submissions have been honored, so it is not a 1 in a million shot.
If you know the right kid it is worth taking the time to write us.
But please be understanding if your submission is not accepted this
time,in the end our hearts must decide.

We would like to thank Meade Instruments for being a big company
with a big heart and donating some of the telescopes to be given
away this year. We also give a special thanks to our valued
ScopeTronix customers, YOU have made this possible!

Jordan Blessing - CEO, and the entire crew at ScopeTronix.com

Jeff Hopkins

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