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unless you are not on either the graphic audio or media lists and I think you 
are on at least one of

Ray T. Mahorney

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Is your message to me? If so I think there is another impostor running around 
here with my name
*LOL*. If you find them tell them to give it back *LOL*. I do not belong to a 
Dragon Ball Z group.
However, if your message is to me then you are the second person that has 
confused me with the other
one. I mean after all I do have the most uncommon name in history *LOL*, so it 
would have to be an
impostor right? *LOL*. However, I am sure that there are others on the list 
that may be interested
in what you found.  

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Josh your comments on dragon ball z some weeks ago prompted me to poke around 
on Youtube and in so
doing I found about 30 battle of the planets episodes the owner did not have 
the whole series but
there were about 30 or so as well as the 68 minute movie unfortunately the 
downloads did not have
the episode titles not even in the ID3 tags.  Can put that up on SS if you like.

Ray T. Mahorney

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