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I think Heather has broken every one of them *LOL*.


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Okay new people upon joining will get these, but existing members maybe
should give these a scan through at least although most of you already know


These are the rules for the audio-pals list on free.lists.org.

1.  No flaming, once you get to know us and we you, then of course teasing
back and forth are 
fine, but no intentional flaming.

2.  No harassment of members on or off list, if a member complains, then
back off.

3.  This is a pen-pal and chat list only.  It isn't a match making list for
singles.  Keep the romance 
and mushy stuff off list if you should actually find a pen-pal match that
results in more than just 
being pen-pals.

4.  If you aren't sure about someone, then be sure when doing your replies
to check your "To:" 
field and see that your reply is going to the group and not the individual.
If you and someone goes 
off list and it gets crazy, then there isn't a lot we can do about it, but
if it gets crazy on the list 
then likely you will not have to do anything about it, because I will.  

5.  Most non "Adult Content" topics are allowed here because we do use the
e-mail component of 
our group for chat, both serious and silly discussions take place.

6.  Do not be surprised if a general or non serious topic that you originate
gets highjacked 
eventually, it is likely to happen, traffic can be fast here sometimes.

7.  Traffic levels have also been known to be high at times in the past, if
that is a problem you may 
wish to switch to digest mode, if you need help in doing that just let
ownership know and it can 
also be done for you.

8.  Freelists does allow a vacation mode, and if you are going to be away
for a while it is 
encouraged that you use it, so that when you get back you won't be swamped
with mail, however, 
members who keep themselves on vacation status all or most of the time, yet
post to the list may 
be dropped, that is insulting to the membership of the list to post yet you
aren't listening to what 
they are saying.  

9.  Members aren't required to do audio letters to the group, it is
understood that some people 
are shy, and some have problems speaking.  That being said, however, for
those who choose to not 
participate at a level of doing audio are expected to participate via
e-mail, after all this is a pen-
pal list.

10.  This list encourages both snail-paling and e-mail paling.  That is your
choice, most folks seem 
to find it easier to e-pal though.

11.  If you are wanting to specifically send personal e-mail or an audio
letter to a member of a 
group, it is best to send it directly to that person and not post it through
the list itself because then 
we all get to read it.  You can however send a message through the list
telling a member, "I have 
an audio file for you: but then make arrangements off list to give that
person the link so that other 
members don't use it and listen to what you sent to a specific individual.

12.  Letters can be sent for the whole group, just post the link to the
group, or use the group's 
dropbox folder.

13.  The group does have a dropbox folder, if you are interested in being
added, just contact 
ownership or for that matter say it on the list and I will add your address
when I can, it will likely 
come from the.shadow483@xxxxxxxxx when dropbox sends you the invite.  

14.  The group doesn't enforce any specific file share or storage service,
however, it is best to avoid 
any which limit the amount of people who can download, because if they allow
5 people, and 20 
people line up to download 15 won't get the letter until I've gotten a copy
and then posted it into 
my sendspace account.

15.  I do keep an archive of all audio files that I can, I have a fairly
good archive of audio letters 
from 2010 on.  I am still in the process of trying to find any of the stuff
previous to that year, so 
it's retained, including after a given member leaves the list.  I also keep
an archive of most e-mail 
going through the list incase I have to backtrack in any sort of

16.  I as owner or my wife who co-owns this list have right at anytime to
warn any member 
concerning their activity on on the list, whether the warning is sent to
that member on or off the 
list, we can change a member who is being inaproperiate's status at any time
to moderated, no 
post, or banning.  I will likely warn the member first and it is likely to
happen off list for first 

17.  A member who intentionally spams the list will likely be banned

18.  Spam includes but isn't totally limited to: sending of porn sites and
their links to the list, 419 
scams, specifically selling products commercially, MLM or other such
business deals, recruitment to 
social networks that the sending member is a pardoner or owner of, fund
raising for political 
parties and or mobilization for enforcing political parties or candidates
specifically,  it doesn't hurt 
to get out the vote as it were, but we have International members here so
they can't help you vote 
for a specific candidate and or the party that you happen to prefer.It is
understood that accounts 
do get hacked and spam is sent out etc, however, should we find that it
isn't a hack and was done 
intentionally you will likely be gone.  

19.  If you are involved with podcasting, internet radio streaming, or any
other types of audio 
production that you wish to share with the list, you may advertise that at
any time.  

20.  Groups advertising day is all day Friday, so advertise the e-mail
groups that you own or 
moderate or are active in and would think that the membership would be
interested in.  Members 
going to any group that is advertised on Fridays though assume
responsibility, this group doesn't 
endorse what an individual member may advertise specifically.  

21.  This group isn't a music trading group, the audio referenced primarily
in this group are 
personal audio that members do or are directly involved with, there are
other places to share your 
Elton John collection with, we don't want to get ourselves in trouble if the
RIA comes a snooping.  

22.  The discussion of audio software and hardware are welcome here, perhaps
you have some 
stuff you can teach us, and vise versa.  

22.  This list is not oriented to the use of a specific screen reader, or
operating system.  We already 
have a bunch of different OSes and screen readers here now.  If there is a
specific problem with 
screen reader and how you interact with free lists.org, or with the use of
audio software, or in 
producing personal audio such as letters for pen-pals or for the group, we
will talk about that to 
try to help you, but we don't have scripts for Jaws here, and this isn't a
list devoted to such, you 
need to find those with the support of your screen reader, an Apple user
using Voice Over would 
have to do that same thing with Apple, and a person who has used another
screen reader software 
wouldn't be likely to help you much.  In other words this will not become a
Jaws list only, and yes 
that has happened before to groups, getting highjacked and becoming such

23.  Audio file types, we don't demand that members send their audio in
specific file types, it is up 
to you as the end listener either to convert it should you wish, or to ask
for help.  Since I archive, I 
usually always convert anyone else's other file type to .mp3 because it's at
this time more universal, 
however, we have had members who could only post in .m4a etc, that wasn't a
problem I would 
copy the file and convert it to .mp3.  I have used various file types over
the years to experiment 
with them though, so use what you have, it's better than not doing anything
at all.

24.  Doing environmental types of recordings are okay too, I've done them
before, posted 
recordings of our birds, thunderstorms, other such stuff.  Wanna do an audio
letter and have a 
digital recorder, or a portable tape recorder and use the line in on your
computer and convert the 
tape to digital?  Do a tewer  of your house, those are great, we then get to
hear where you live and 
what it's like.  Nothing wrong with such recordings at all.

24.  Have all of these rules of course looks pretty negative and
intimidating when all together, but 
really it's not that bad.  We are here to learn about each other, and to
learn about other places and 
cultures.  We are a list of both sighted and blind people, we come from
various places and 
backgrounds and we like having a place where we can kick back and relax.  My
wife says that 
"stress isn't allowed" she said it, so it's law around here.  My list is
sort of like my house.  It can get 
a little noisy at times, but it's a great place to be, well, I think it is
anyway *lol*.  

Come on in, read the posts  and get a feel of the group, start to writing so
we can get to know you.  
We are informal so try not to be nervous, we are an encouraging list.  We
teas each other a lot, but 
we will try to find what level you can handle and work from there, and we
are there for each other 
when something is gong wrong, and those things do happen.    Enjoy and have
some fun, just keep 
it clean, and not mushy.  

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