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Thanks for the information. The lifetime storage was an asterisked marked
item under the different plans. I was just wondering if I would encounter
problems if I used both my Mac and the PC, not at the same time, but used it
for storage from both computers.


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Don't know anything about the life time storage accounts.  But yes once you
have a file up there you can delete it at a later point, or move it around
to another folder.  The only computers used by blind people where sendspace
isn't very workable is with linux boxes because Sendspace seems to not
update their wizard for linux.  At least with any ubuntu based linux it is
out of date and is a pain to even get and install let alone if it's actually
accessible or not.  Doesn't work the greatest using firefox on the web page
either, but since you aren't messing with a linux machine it isn't a


Yes if you put a file up with your mac your pc can see it and retrieve it or
move it or whatever you need to do.  I've never tried to upload files at the
same time using a pc and a mac though, that may not work.  I primarily use
the wizard tool rarely use sendspace as a web interface, but occasionally I
have had to do it to download files from other people.  


Also another thing with sendspace,  if it is a file that is going to have a
lot of downloads, say a hundred for example, copy the link and edit the word
pro out of it and put the word file in it instead.  If you have your wizard
set to send you an e-mail confirming a file upload though, they will have
that link included in your receipt e-mail.  I tend to prefer them just send
me the e-mail then I will send the link instead of telling sendspace to send
the link to someone else most of the time.  The reason I mention this is
that if there are lots of downloads it starts effecting your bandwidth
limits in sendspace in pro accounts.  But edit the link and it sees it as
the account category that used be in between the pro accounts and the free
ones.  So they eliminated that type off account, but not within their server
system.  Only on the financial end of it.  


On Jul 30, 2014, at 7:57 AM, Josh <lawdog911@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hello everyone,

    I am in the process of deciding whether to get a paid dropbox account or
to get a paid pro + Send Space account. Does the Send Space account work on
whatever computer you are on and logged in with. For instance I can go to
the iMac and upload files and then come over to the PC laptops and upload
files or am I limited to one machine? If I am not mistaken in the past I
heard that with Send Space you can delete the file once it is uploaded. Does
anyone know if this is the case? Tom, if I remember correctly you have a
paid Send Space account. Can you enlighten me? There is a comment about
lifetime storage, but how does that work if you cancel your account?  


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