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  • From: Heather H <copperlee73@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 22 Feb 2015 00:02:15 -0500

Happy birthday Joshie Washie.  Glad you had a great day.  We got about six 
inches of the white stuff today.  Selah is not thrilled with that.   She is 
kind of a small lab and I call her my low rider.  I shoveled heer a spot in the 
yard to do her doggy duties but where did she go??????  In the foot high snow 
drift of course!!!!!  She's is Bethie's niece when she does stuff like that!!!!

Happy 50th birthday Josh!!!!!  And many more!  lol

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> On Feb 21, 2015, at 10:59 PM, Josh <lawdog911@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Well, today has been a great day despite the fact we have been house bound 
> due to the weather. We had another batch of weather come through this morning 
> which ruined our evening plans to go over to the in-laws to celebrate my 
> birthday. This morning both Little Man and Amanda got me a birthday card and 
> a $25 Apple iTunes giftcard. Then Amanda fixed me a big breakfast which was 
> delicious. I have watched several episodes of Psych and being that we did not 
> plan on having dinner here, but over at the in-laws we did not have a 
> birthday cake or anything planned for dinner. However, Amanda made me a 
> birthday cake from scratch. For my meal tonight she made ribs, baked 
> potatoes, and green beans; it was all delicious. This morning was kind of 
> interesting, Little Man wanted to go outside and play in the snow, like any 
> kid would, it was still kind of early, but the weather man was calling for 
> rain around noon so I told him he could go ahead and go out. One kid still 
> had not crawled out of bed, the two girls that he normally plays with have 
> gone to the beach during all of this horrible weather we are having. So, he 
> was left to play by himself outside. Not too long after he went out he came 
> back in and said there is a woman trying to get him to come inside her 
> apartment. This kind of alarmed me. I told him to ignore her and play right 
> outside the apartment instead of up toward where he said she was. He cam back 
> in not too long after the first time and said she wants one of us. I really 
> started questioning things now. I asked him what she wanted. Well, he said 
> she wants someone to go and unlock her door. This was not really adding up, I 
> said well why doesn’t she just walk around and go inside? The reason I said 
> this is because from what it sounded like he was saying, was she was standing 
> on her patio and trying to get him to come inside. He said she can’t. I said 
> well why not? He said she is too high up. Then the lightbulb went off. Give 
> me a break, I hadn’t had my coffee yet and someone was trying to get my kid 
> to come in their house. So, Amanda went up there and sure enough the lady is 
> standing on her balcony and starts yelling at us as soon as she sees us come 
> outside. Well, Amanda wasn’t much help because the lady’s door was locked, 
> she didn’t have keys on her so the lady had to call the office anyways and 
> talk to the on-call service. The temperature was right about 25 degrees f 
> this morning. I have had this happen to me before so once everything clicked 
> I could understand her predicament. These patio doors are sliding glass doors 
> and should not lock from closing the patio door, but they do and they have. I 
> live on the bottom level and it would have been ok if I had my keys in my 
> pocket, but I did not. I would say from now on she is going to make sure she 
> at least has her keys in her pocket and more than likely leave the sliding 
> glass dor cracked when she goes outside. When this happened to me, I called 
> the on-call service. The apartment manager called me and said she would come 
> and let me in, but it was going to cost me $25. I told her I don’t think so, 
> it was her faulty equipment that has gotten me stranded outside in the first 
> place. After pointing out to her that the doors should have never locked me 
> out in the first place and her attempt to take money from me when it is her 
> faulty equipment would be theft she came and unlocked my door without charge 
> and had maintenance up here the next day looking at it. I hope she didn’t 
> charge that woman.
> Tennessee has been moved up to a level II state of emergency which Amanda 
> looked at and it says a major disaster.           

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