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Yep noticed the same thing over there.  But have had one person who couldn’t 
edit her user preferences in creelists and I couldn’t edit mine right either 
here using my linux box and firefox.  Well first of all, the list box that 
shows the users in the group doesn’t get spoken up so it’s kind of hard to 
select yourself there.  Same on their main lists page, the box of groups 
doesn’t show, but you can go around that by doing a search.  Didn’t try a 
search option for users within the list the other day though.  Just took the 
easy route and went in with the mac instead.  

But at least here if you can get into your user options, you can adjust all of 
your flags as you wish then save the changes in one final click then go on 
about your business.  

I think I like the free lists administrative interface better, took a bit to 
get used to at first, but once learned, not to bad.  
On Apr 23, 2014, at 7:17 PM, Anita <silky775@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Emissives interface seems to be flaky in the sense that, with every change 
> made you gotta save every setting. i wish there was a way to modify changes, 
> without having to save each one individually.having a problem with my list is 
> why i'm bringing this up.
>   Anita
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> Haven’t created a rules file for here yet, we just moved over to free lists 
> last weekend, so haven’t figured out all of it’s system yet, the group 
> description though basically covers the rules.  Had to do that same thing 
> when we were on emissives too because it didn’t have an automatic file 
> sending system like yahoo groups did.
> Glad to see the pen-pal magazine is getting us some results though.  I have 
> been subscribed to it for a couple of weeks, so decided to put an ad in there 
> which of course included the group info.
> Now that I have an ad in there, though I will start doing some more pen-pal 
> seeking via the magazine too, because other subscribers will know who I am.
> If anybody is interested in subscribing to it, Adrijana:
> adrijana prokopenko <Adrijana.prokopenko@xxxxxxxxx>
> Write “subscribe To Pen-pal magazine in your subject, then she will know what 
> the e-mail pertains to, and then elaborate in your message body.  She has 
> pen-pal listings, a magazine for singles listings, and a sub category of 
> people who are looking for lost friends or pen-pals.  But of course any 
> additional questions you ask she will tell you what to do or how to handle it 
> concerning her magazine.
> I will not send an actual forward of her magazine through the group because 
> that goes against her policy, plus most of our members aren’t subscribed 
> anyway that I know of.  But that e-mail address can get you started.  There 
> are a lot of people already listing themselves with ads.  It’s really kind of 
> cool.
> On Apr 23, 2014, at 1:42 PM, Nelson F. Vega <carebear40@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> well hey: thank's.
>> I saw this advertised in "pen pal magazine! havent seen any rules: but like 
>> you said - they'll pop-up.
>> see-ya,
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>> Hello Nelson,
>> Welcome. The chat is a general "respectful" chat and "respectful" walks a
>> very fine line around here. Nah! Just kidding. We do give each other a hard
>> time and we do cut up, but it is all harmless fun with no intent on hurting
>> anyone's feelings. I and I am sure the rest of the list members on here have
>> the utmost respect for each other. Some people post audio letters (mp3
>> format or similar formats) to the group. I do some times, but not while the
>> university is in session. There are some list rules around here somewhere.
>> Traffic on the list is high at times and other times it is on life support.
>> Tom is one of the owner/moderators on here with his wife being the other
>> one. Take care and have fun here on the list. I am currently finishing out
>> the semester and I have a failing hard drive so I may be scarce until that
>> finishes up and the hard drive is replaced. I do have a replacement hard
>> drive, but my wife is also in school so we are both finishining out the
>> semester and have to find some time to put it in.
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>> -Hello I'm Nelson,
>> what's the chat around-here: about audio? or just a bit of everything.
>> hope everyone had a nice "easter" smiles to all.
>> Nelson F. Vega

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