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I mentioned it to her the other day. She said she use to watch it. However, she 
failed to mention this show to me *LOL*. It takesme getting sick in order to 
find out about shows *LOL*.


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Good choice...make her watch Psych now!



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Well, my temperature was 97 as of last night. So, today, I have started the 
disinfecting and clean up process so that way things can get back to normal or 
so the next person can take my place. Amanda sounds like she may be coming down 
with it. She has been battling a sinus infection since a week before 
Thanksgiving and is unable to shake it. She went to the take care clinic first 
and the PA gave her an antibiotic prescription. She then went to her family 
doctor when it started coming back and he gave her a prescription. Now, he 
called her in a prescription without checking her out so although it is seeming 
like the same crud it is possible that she has the flu as well. I think I am 
going to try and talk her into taking my place for a few days and see if rest 
and antibiotics will get this out of her system.


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