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  • Date: Tue, 2 May 2017 18:01:47 +1000

John, simply press left or right arrow. Left arrow will leave you at what was the start of the selection and right arrow will leave you at what was the end of the selection.


On 2/05/2017 7:18 AM, John P. Thomas wrote:

Thanks Jacob,

The renaming tracks was helpful.

Sometimes the simplest actions escape me. Case in point, how do you remove the start and end cursor locations that were set with the [ and ] keys.

I marked a selection, and then created a label for the selection. Afterwards the selection was still marked and I could not move beyond the selected region. How do you cancel or delete the beginning and end points of a selection without going to the beginning or end of the track? I couldn’t get the “store Cursor” function to help. Maybe there is a certain sequence that I need to do.

Any thoughts about removing the selection markers would be appreciated.


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I have in the past used separate projects to copy from to then past into another project, but, been a little while.

And, to rename/name a track, in track selection, invoke context menu, and, choose name menu item.

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On 2017-05-01 21:59, John P. Thomas wrote:

    Is there a way to rename tracks in a project? Instead of having
    tracks labeled 1, 2, etc., I would like to use the name of the
    person who I recorded.

    I would like to have several tracks from which I would select
    spoken language and insert the selections into a single track for
    creating a podcast. Is the best method for doing this to import
    each interview into its own track and then select/insert portions
    of these into a new blank track in the same project?



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