[askdba] Re: How to tune tables for inserts and Updates?

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do proper growth planning so that extents are not required to extend =
dynamically and frequently.

have good inittrans and look at the pctfree and pctincrease value.

Also see the contention issues and denedping on whether its query or =
write intensive, layout the indexes for these tables accordingly.

see if partitioning can help if the records are gonna be in million.

This all off the cuff, will update it later.

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Hi friends,

I have a Database in which few tables are for Transaction.

As the number of transactions will be more than 10000 per day, I need
to decide the tuning strategy for the tables having more hits.

I m planning to put them ina different tablespace.

Any other idea how I can do that.

 - Chirag Majmundar

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