[askdba] Re: How to tune tables for inserts and Updates?

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First off, 10,000 transactions per day works out to just 7 transactions
per minute, which probably isn't going to put much of a load on the
system unless you go with some absurd settings.

Are you using locally managed tablespaces?  That will significantly
reduce the costs of extent management.  I would also tend to go with
automatic segment space management (ASSM), particularly if there are
UPDATE operations.

Separating tables into different tablespaces will probably not have a
performance impact unless you are putting the data on separate physical
disks.  If you are at HP, I'm pretty sure your databases are attached to
a SAN which is heavily striped, so different tablespaces will not
translate to any sort of performance benefit.

If you have data that is inserted, updated for a period of time, and
then becomes static, partitioning the tables may be a significant
performance benefit.  If you will be keeping the data forever, it will
probably also simplify administration.

Justin Cave  <jcave@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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Hi friends,

I have a Database in which few tables are for Transaction.

As the number of transactions will be more than 10000 per day, I need
to decide the tuning strategy for the tables having more hits.

I m planning to put them ina different tablespace.

Any other idea how I can do that.

 - Chirag Majmundar

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