[askdba] Re: How to tune tables for inserts and Updates?

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First, create LMT tablespaces w/ Automatic Space Segment Management.  Gets
rid of the whole freelist/initrans issue.
Second, tune (match) database IO to operating system IO on the via the
"db_block_size * db_file_multiblock_read_count" parameters.  In Solaris,
it'd be the value of maxphys*pagesize.

Third, create different buffer pool(s) for the extent size(s) of your OLTP
tables (i.e. db_2k_cache_size, db_4k_cache_size, db_8k_cache_size,
db_16k_cache_size, db_32k_cache_size), and put your heavy OLTP segments in
the appropriate tablespace(s) to utilize the different buffer pools.

Forth, cache small "look-up" or "validate" tables (you'll need to set

Fifth, spread your IO across as many disks (physical spindles, not logical
ones) as you can.

My big DB processes over 200,000 transactions in a 30 minute batch job w/ 8k
blocks (yeah, I know), so 10,000 shouldn't be too tough to achieve.

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Hi friends,

I have a Database in which few tables are for Transaction.

As the number of transactions will be more than 10000 per day, I need
to decide the tuning strategy for the tables having more hits.

I m planning to put them ina different tablespace.

Any other idea how I can do that.

 - Chirag Majmundar

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