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> I have to supply an ad for a publication called "The Knowledge" and I've
> just got their spec through.
> I have to supply the artwork as EPS or "press-optimised" PDF.
> ??????????????????????
> Mind you, I usually just ignore such specification and send my
> ArtWorks-produced PDF anyway. It's usually accepted without quibble,
> except of course I still have a problem with CMYK as opposed to RGB images.
> But what do you reckon, are PDF's from ArtWorks "Press-optimised"?

There is no exact definition but it comes from one of the Distiller
settings in the Acrobat product range.  I.e. one of the settings for the
program which converts PostScript files to, in this case "press-optimised",
PDF files.  I don't know what those settings are by heart but basically it
are settings which prevent Distiller operations which are nefast for
prepress purposes (like reducing the image resolution to e.g. monitor

Like you've already indicated my guess is that the RGB data might cause
issues but on the other hand there is definately a trend to have an RGB
based PDF workflow as well (usually as PDF/X-3 file format).  Basically
this would mean tagging of the RGB data in the PDF document which I think
isn't the case for the ArtWorks PDF files.

Basically I would simply ask the company you're supplying your PDF file if
they have a problem with RGB PDF files.

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