[argyllcms] Re: problem loading LUT-based icc profile to CRT

  • From: Graeme Gill <graeme@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: argyllcms@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 10 Dec 2009 09:40:43 +1100

David Heinrich wrote:

Have you tried loading "strange.cal" from the argyll ref directory,
to get a more obvious visual indication that the calibration gets loaded ?

What do I do to do that?

dispwin strange.cal

Does that mean it is probably working? Any reason it wouldn't be if the
software says it is?

There's no absolute guarantee that the hardware is actually using
the video lookup tables. There have been reports in the past
of X11 systems that say they've loaded the tables, but the tables
didn't actually change what was displayed.

Here's the result, I see no EDIT or EDID_DATA field.

$ xrandr --prop

Hmm. That doesn't really look like I'd expect.

Ok, me and Troy Sobotka (mostly him) figured out the issue. Argyll's dispwin
was operating on the wrong display! I wasn't specifying -d2, and I needed
to. Running

sudo dispwin -r -d1
sudo dispwin -r -d2

resolved it. with -d2, I noticed the CRT lightening and darkening. Not so
with -d1.

It would be interesting to see a "dispwin -?" output. Normally the
primary display should be -d1. The other thing dispwin can be used for
is simply to identify the display:- running dispwin without arguments
puts up a test window that starts cycling through some test colors.

Glad you figured some things out though.

Graeme Gill.

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