[argyllcms] Dispcal lockup on Fedora 8 x86_64

  • From: Markku Kolkka <markkuk@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: argyllcms@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 11 Nov 2008 19:26:48 +0200

I'm trying to profile my display using i1 Pro on Fedora 8 Linux 
(64 bit) and argyllcms 1.0.3. Dispcal passes through all 
measurements and locks up after displaying the "The instrument 
can be removed from the screen" message with the test window 
remaining on the screen. The program needs to be killed with ^C 
and no calibration file is created. Here's the last lines of 
output from "dispcal -v -D -yl -m -t 6500 -gs L2000C":

patch 64 of 64About to read patch 0
dispwin_set_color called
dispwin_set_ramdac called
Setting gamma using Randr 1.2
Taking 1 measurments in Emission mode called

i1pro: SetMeasureParam 14706, 22, 2, 0x06
SetMeasureParams got ICOM err 0x0

i1pro: Triggering measurement after 10msec delay
Scheduled triggering OK

i1pro: Read measurement results inummeas 2, scanflag 0, address 
0x1425540 bsize 0x200
Read 2 readings, ICOM err 0x0
(Trig & rd times 5 -15 2033 -15)
got reading abs. 0.333979 0.288499 0.390546, transfering to col
on to next reading

Brightness error = 0.719557 cd/m^2
White point error = 0.466049 deltaE
Maximum neutral error (@ 0.804703) = 0.900549 deltaE
Average neutral error = 0.512859 deltaE
Number of measurements taken = 228
The instrument can be removed from the screen.

i1pro: Write EEProm address 0x0 size 0x428
(NOT) Write 0x428 bytes, ICOM err 0x0

i1pro: Write EEProm address 0x800 size 0x428
(NOT) Write 0x428 bytes, ICOM err 0x0

i1pro: Terminate switch Handling
Terminate Switch Handling done, ICOM err 0x0
^Cusb_close_port() called
usb port has been released and closed

 Markku Kolkka

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