[argyllcms] Re: Creating ICC Profiles for Solvent and UV Inkjet Presses

  • From: Roger <graxx@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 26 Mar 2009 07:43:54 -0400

Dear Charlie,


Best methods for the type of printers you list will be no different, in my
opinion, than what you were using on ?normal? HP and Epson. Ink limiting is
still a function of the RIP you have to drive these beasts. The rest is up
to the time you have and the instruments you have to generate profiles out
of Argyll. You may want to start experimenting with a DTP41 to generate
targets out of targen utility. Then you print the target and measure it.
Once you have the data, you make a profile with colprof. You may want to
iterate the profile against some reference dataset like GRACoL or SWOP ? I?m
not too familiar with that part of Argyll.


Best / Roger


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Hello all-


I am looking for any help and or insight on the best methods to produce high
quality ICC profiles (with ArgyllCMS of course) on the following types of


 - Vutek 3360 & 5360 (Solvent)

 - Vutek QS3200 (UV)

 - HP/Scitex TJ8300 (Solvent)

 - HP/Scitex XL1500 (Solvent)

 - HP/Scitex FB6700 (Water-based Pigment)


I am specifically looking for background on ink limiting techniques,
differences in color gamut between solvent and UV and anything else relevant
to the process. I have experience profiling normal HP and Epson
inkjets...this is a little different.


Thank you in advance for any and all help.



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