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  • From: "Guy K. Kloss" <G.Kloss@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 27 Dec 2007 16:22:25 +1300


Browsing through the list's archives I've seen that there was some discussion 
about the build system used for ArgyllCMS (jam) and potential alternatives. 
This discussion arose as far as I could see from the desire to integrate 
ArgyllCMS into Linux distributions (believe it was Fedora). Well, that would 
be also a desire from many people. So if for voting, here's a +1 for me ...

But that's not the main background of this mail. Digging up other applications 
(for Linux) that can do profiling I took a look at LProf [1]. Especially as 
LProf also includes a copy of ArgyllCMS [2] (currently 0.70b6 in the CVS). 
They're apparently using SCons for building LProf, which I've seen many times 
of being quite easy, reliable, and independent regarding to the platforms. 
Just requires Python to build ...

Just an idea for an alternative to (b)jam to consider, where part of the 
mileage has been taken already by the LProf maintainers.



[1] http://lprof.sourceforge.net/
[2] http://lprof.cvs.sourceforge.net/lprof/lprof/src/argyll/

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