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I do patches for local boy scouts all the time.
Start with a 'walk stitch' circle about 1/4" less in diameter than your patch. 
40 pt stitch is fine-then a color change. Duplicate this outline again, with a 
zigzag, 15 pt stitch, then a color break. Now digitize your design for whatever 
you need to fit inside these outlines. Don't go for high density designs, too 
much detail, or really fine fancy lettering-the patch is small, remember?
Send it off to the Amaya, and if you can figure out how to make it 'stop' after 
each of the first 2 colors, set that up. I still have never figured it out-all 
I get it to do is stop after each and every color change.
If you are doing a quantity of patches, tightly, and I mean really tight-hoop 
up 2 pieces of 1.5 pz. tearaway. Load this 'hoop size' into the amaya, set the 
hoop, and then move the hoop (use the arrows) to start a patch up in the top 
left corner. Trace to make sure the presser foot clears the hoop-and have your 
first patch ready.
Sew out the outline...stop the machine. Lay your patch down and center it on 
this outline-I use 3/4" masking tape-2 pieces 'crossing' the patch and stick it 
down. Sew the second outline, it will hold the patch down. Remember-this 
outline color should match the patch background so it disappears. Stop, peel 
off the masking tape-the outline should have 'cut'it nicely-and then start up 
and let the patch run. When it's done, leave the patch alone-use the arrows and 
'trace' to set up patch #2 as close as you can get to this one. Repeat 
procedure...and then keep going to fill the hoop. If you tear the patches out 
as done,your backing will get loose or just tear apart...trust me...been there, 
done that. Just wait until the hoop is filled.
I can easily get a dozen 3" patches in one large wooden hoop-and have done the 
'patrol' patches-which are 1 1/2" inchs across with a mascot and 
lettering...looks great, just takes time setting up your design.


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