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Speaking from many past experiences,I would say that 90% of my customers have 
not kept the containers that the machines were shipped in.
The ones that do keep the container have them for when they choose to sell 
there machine and won't give them up.

Although you can purchase a container from Melco the cost is very high,,,,,even 
though its is some what broken down the box that covers the machine when folded 
up still is about 1&1/2 times bigger than the pallet that the machine is place 
on.It is still rather bulky and takes up a lot of room,which is part of the 
shipping cost as well.

I have picked machines up for customers in the past.Like Roland mentioned the 
smallest U haul you can get will hold the machine, cart and any accessories 
that come with it comfortably.

If you get a tech,I would recommend the he/she verify that the machine is 
operational before they deliver it,so that there are no issues "after the fact".

Like Rod said, under no circumstances should the machine be shipped on the 
moveable stand/cart.The cart is sturdy enough for what it has to do in a 
stationary enviroment. 

Hugo Torbidoni
Melco Tech


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