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I use one piece of 2.5 oz. cut away backing for the applique of the names and 
numbers on the back or front.  If they are getting numbers, names and nicknames 
on the back, as they do around here, you will be hooping the back 3 times.  For 
the embroidery of the chapter and date on the sleeves I use 2 pieces of 2.5 oz. 
Don't cut open a seam but keep an eye on what the lining is doing when you 
hoop- in our experience the lining is sometimes longer than the jacket so 
smooth it out and even it up top to bottom as best you can so you don't end up 
with a big bubble of lining at the hem.
Are you putting 3 Greek vertical letters on the front?  You will probably have 
to sew part of the pocket closed which has not been an issue with any 
fraternity or sorority we have worked with.  
Hope this helps-


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