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Hey guys,
Just wanted to share in that the Embroidery Store has Signature polyester
continuous filament bobbins on sale for only 24.75 a case.  Usually they are
around 36.49, I think.  Can't say I've used them myself but I have seen a
lot of customers using them with success.  Figured for the price, I'd give
them a try.  (www.embstore.com)

Hey Aaron, does this cross the line with regards to the rules of the Amaya
list?  If so, please disregard the above mentioned and I won't do this
again.  Also, I have no affiliation with these people, just simply been
turned on to them recently by a customer of mine.


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I monitor another embroidery list (different machine) and wanted to share
with you a post--we use Neb
bobbins (plastic sided) and love them.  Just wanted any input from the rest
of the group
on the comment below:

Recently I did a test on 3 different types of Bobbins on a new 6hd M-Series
machine. The three Bobbins were Magnetic, Coates Trusew Poly (132 yards),
some Plastic Sided bobbins. First thing I would like to state is that
has a lot to do with how your bobbins run. What I did notice is that with
plastic sided bobbins your tension has to be pretty close to perfect, there
little room for the tensions to be off. I did notice there were definitely
thread breaks with the plastic sided bobbins as well. The Coates and
Bobbins ran a lot smoother and the consistency was very close with maybe a
little advantage for the Magnetic but not a noticeable difference.

This is what got me. Out of all the runs I did the plastic bobbins
stitches) ran out first and then the magnetic bobbins (50-55,000 stitches)
then the Coates (55-60,000 stitches). Even though the Coates had less yards
yards per bobbin to be exact) of bobbin than the magnetic bobbins, they
lasted longer (I even had a Coates bobbin last over 62,000 stitches). This
the same on all the runs I did while switching the bobbins to different
for each run. Of course I was able to run all 3 types of bobbins to the core
because of the bobbin sensors however, on the plastic sided bobbins I did
some inconsistencies on some but no all in the winding of the bobbin when it
got lower into the bobbin.

My conclusion, Coates 132 yard bobbins seem to work the best for the money.
Even though the magnetic bobbins ran just as good, they did not last as long
and only come 100 to a box (with no sides so the do unravel some) as opposed
144 in a box you get from Coates. So I figure by using the Coates 132 yard
bobbins you will get roughly about 2,920,000 more stitches per box over the
magnetic bobbins (100 x 5000 plus 44  x  55,000) which appears to be the
bang for your buck....

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