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Well I ordered the penfriend 2 weeks ago. As the confirmation email stated that delivery should be within 10 working day and it hasn't arrived, I telephoned the RNIB today for an update. Having read a couple of days ago on this list that orders should arrive with customers by the weekend, i am now informed that there is a delay from the manufacturers and I should call again in 7 days. Has anyone else on the list received their order?

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Subject: [access-uk] reply Milestone 312 for scott

Hi Scott,

As I said before, we are not advising use of line-in devices with the 312 at the moment because the socket outputs a small voltage to run condenser mics, and although very low, there is a possibility that this could adversely affect external devices. The manufacturer is aware of this and we have discussed that all that would be needed would be an adjustable setting for the socket which would enable you to choose either line-in or external mic. This would need just a small firmware change of the type that can be carried out very easily with the 312.

As regards voice recordings onto the memory card, you simply select external memory and navigate to a folder, then record in the usual way. If you don't choose a folder when you go to external memory, your recordings will just be at the top level with the folders.

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Subject: [access-uk] Re: milestone 312 question please?

The 311 does record from line in and they claimed it would retain all of 311's features.

I'm appalled that it doesn't do this as it's the mane thing I would use it for.

How do you make it record on the sd card?

Thanks for the help.  Scott.

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Subject: [access-uk] Re: milestone 312 question please?


At the moment it's not suitable for line in recording but suitable for external condensor microphones

You can record on the external and internal memory.

Any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

Best wishes, madleen

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Subject: [access-uk] milestone 312 question please?

Hi folks. Does anyone know how you get the new milestone to record from line in?

Also does it record on the sd card still?
If so how?

Thanks, Scott.N‰^j÷­…éb²×%‰É(žØ^Šižv&­z\Ÿ¢YhÂ)à -)䙨¥¶†œqë,ºJު笵úÞzX¬¶Ê+‚Ë›�ç-éì¹»®&Þ!ûaŠÉbžGhzÉíŠä¶§±é�jg¬±¨¶†œqë,ºJު笵úÞzX¬¶Ê+�©�Š{ay+›�ç--)Þ·*^º{.nÇ+‰·…¢º-…êåŠË\¢iš�Û,¹ÈZ²öœjبžjyÉbrJ'¶¢šg�‰«^-'è-Z0Šx%Šy&j)m¡§zË.'·ª¹ë-~·ž-+-²Šà ²æãyË}ª®Çu©²ÆzÚqDzéz«²×yé²Û®


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