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Oops!  Didn't read the message well enough.  Didn't realize he said 6600 slide 
or fold.  Mind you, never heard of these.  


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  Hi Leah,


  The only choice you have in that lot is the N96. The 7610 is not compatible. 
There was an old 7610 that was, but the 7610 Supernova is not compatible, 
neither is the 6600 fold or slide.


  All the best





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  Hi Ibrahim.

  Just called o2 and they can offer me the following phones.  nokia 66 hundred, 
fold or slide.  Nokia 67 hundred, 76 10.  63 03.

  n96 but the n96 would cost 90£ extra.


  Are any of these phones any use with talks and way finder?



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