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Hi Lee.

OK, well if you ring O2 back, ask them what options you have to upgrade to, 
we'd be in a better position to recommend the best phone to work with the 
current version of talks.  As for your wayfinder question, although some phones 
have built in GPS functionality, it is strongly recommended that you purchase 
an external GPS receiver.  Not only will this save battery on your phone as 
internal gps solutions are battery hungry, but you will also get a better 
accuracy, longer operation time and less frustration when trying to acquire 
your position.  Talknav, the e-dealers of wayfinder access products offer an 
excellent GPS receiver, the QStarz BT818.  For more information, go to 

All the best, Ibrahim.

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  Hi all, I rang o2 yesterday for the upgrade I am due to have, I asked for the 
n95 8 GB, however, o2 no longer do this phone, I want to use way finder so 
could someone advise me of another phone which will work? also do people use 
the onboard sat receiver or is it best to by a bluetooth receiver, thanks, Leea.
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