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  • From: "Barry" <bbinc@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 29 Sep 2005 16:46:58 +0100

I don't know what version these are for, probably 4, but here's a load of 
shortcut keys.  You get the description of what it does then teh keystroke 
below that.

JAWS Specific Keystrokes for working in Microsoft Word


Point Size               CTRL+SHIFT+P

Select next heading style    ALT+SHIFT+RIGHT ARROW

Select prior heading style   ALT+SHIFT+LEFT ARROW

Move to style bar                CTRL+SHIFT+S

Insert and Overtype mode  ALT+CTRL+I

Informational Keystrokes

Say character formatting     INSERT+F

Say insertion point formatting           INSERT+F, PRESSED TWICE QUICKLY

Say font colour       INSERT+5

Say line and column            INSERT+DELETE

Say cursor position             ALT+DELETE

Describe border of text        ALT+SHIFT+B

Convert shape to text readable by JAWS        ALT+CTRL+SHIFT+C

Say word version CTRL+INSERT+V

Say language in use            ALT+CTRL+SHIFT+A

Read misspelled word and suggestion             INSERT+F7

Close Office Assistant        CTRL+INSERT+F4


List comments      CTRL+SHIFT+APOSTROPHE

List Hyperlinks     INSERT+F8

List Inline Objects                CTRL+SHIFT+O

List spelling errors               CTRL+SHIFT+E

List revisions        CTRL+SHIFT+V

List grammatical errors        CTRL+SHIFT+G


Adjust JAWS Verbosity     INSERT+V

Announce Comment           ALT+SHIFT+APOSTROPHE

Announce Footnotes or Endnotes   ALT+SHIFT+E


Read table column               CTRL+SHIFT+C

Read Table Row   CTRL+SHIFT+R

Say column title    ALT+SHIFT+C

Say first cell in column        ALT+1

Say first cell in row              ALT+7

Say row title          ALT+SHIFT+R

Select first cell in a table     CTRL+SHIFT+A


Move focus to first field in a form     CTRL+INSERT+HOME

Read Field Contents            CTRL+INSERT+NUM PAD 5

Select a field          CTRL+SHIFT+L

Outline View

Show Heading 1   ALT+SHIFT+1

Show Heading 2   ALT+SHIFT+2

Show Heading 3   ALT+SHIFT+3

Show Heading 4   ALT+SHIFT+4

Show Heading 5   ALT+SHIFT+5

Show Heading 6   ALT+SHIFT+6

Show Heading 7   ALT+SHIFT+7

Toggle between all and headings only            ALT+SHIFT+A

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Subject: [access-uk] keyboard shortcuts in word

Hi everyone,

I wanted to find out how I can get a comprehensive list of keyboard shorcuts 
for MS word.

I wanted the keyboard shortcut for increasing and decreasing indent.

So, if anyone happens to know more shortcut keys, I'd like to hear from you.

It would just make my life easier really.  Particularly with my IT studies.
All the best,

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