[access-uk] Re: Wildfire to be put out

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  • Date: Wed, 8 Jun 2005 15:01:01 +0100

MessageHi Sayka,

I have no experience with Vodafone's help lines re this matter, but setting 
Talks up is relatively easy IMHO and I'm sure many folks would be able to help 
on here if needed.

All the best,

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  I probably won't be able to shed any light on whether Orange intend to offer 
Talks in the futurer but know for a fact that Vodafone offer Talks free to 
anyone with a compatible phone.  their only condition is that they be your 
service provider.  Take into account though, their customer service is not as 
good as that of Orange and when it comes to helping you set up talks, they are 
worse than useless.  I know this from personal experience. 

  Hope this helps 

  Sayka Hussain 
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    Hi John,

    Sorry I don't know about Vodafone's latest offers though the N6600 is 
obsolete now so that makes me a bit sceptical of this rumour. However, I heard, 
I think on the Talks list, that Orange is going to offer its VI customers Talks 
on a compatible cell phone as a compensation for the loss of accessibility you 
get from the Wildfire Service. As I said I only heard from others so you need 
to investigate this news and see what the score is.

    I hope that discussion was on the Talks list and not on here otherwise I'll 
be telling you what you maybe already know <Smile>.

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      Subject: [access-uk] Wildfire to be put out

      Hi, I have been using  orange Wildfire mobile phone service for several 
years but have now been told the service is to be shut down in the next month. 
I am now looking at other accessible mobile phone options and there is a rumour 
that Vodaphone is going to be offering Talks on a pay as you go phone Nokia 
6600 for £150, sounds like a good deal, any views?

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