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Many thanks for all your help.
We are definitely going to go ahead and get it now.  My husband made
some enquiries today and we will be getting an Amstrad box.  I wondered
if the manual was available to download on the website or anywhere.  I
did have a brief look, but couldn't find anything.
Thanks again.


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Hi Amro,
Thanks for re-posting that, it saved me digging it out.
Sharon, if you think you would get something out of the many features of
Sky Plus, then go for it Girl, it's well worth it.
Just one more little nugget of information, that I didn't know until
recently.  Let's suppose you want to watch a programme in half an hour.
You put the box on the relevant channel now, ready to watch your
blockbuster.  Then in three quarters of an hour, you have missed the
beginning, because you forgot that it is on.  How about live rewind?
You go to your box, and simply hit the rewind key on the remote, and
immediately you rewind live TV, just like you rewind a video tape.  Yes,
you get silence as you are rewinding, but you are going back.  When you
think you are back far enough, just hit play.  If you are not far enough
back, just hit rewind again, then play again.  Note though, that you can
only rewind the channel you are on.  In other words, if you miss the
beginning of a programme, and you are not on that channel, then you've
had it, but if your box is on that channel, it pre-records for half an
hour, so up to half an hour's worth can be rewound.  This is really cool
stuff.  But again, if you just switch to that channel, it will only
start recording from that point.  Go for it Sharon, if you like TV as I
All the best
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Hi Steve, I saved a message you sent sometime ago on this subject and I
hope you don't mind me sending it to the group again. So, Sharon, please
read below and hope you find it helpful as I certainly did, just like
all Steve's contributions to this list!
Nutt says:
"OK, I'll try to answer this as best I can.
It is accessible in that you can set up programmes for recording, play
back, set up series links, etc.  What you can't do as a blind person, is
set things up way in advance.  The problem is that because you can't see
EPG, you are never quite sure which programme is selected.  But you
literally jump 24 hours.  So if it is now 7:00 p.m., and you want to
something tomorrow at 7:00 p.m., this is easy.  But if you want to
something at, say, 12:00 A.m. and it is now 7:00 p.m., this is more
simply because there is no sure way of moving from programme to
If you press right arrow once, you may move to the next programme, but
it would appear to me, if that programme is within the next half hour or
If the programme is longer, for example a film, it would take two jumps
move to the next programme, and you are never sure whether you have
one or two programmes, because you don't see the EPG.
Having said all this, if I want to "series link" coronation street, what
do is to wait until 7:00 or there abouts on the night it is on at half
and then it is easy.  You simply do this:
1.  Press TV Guide.
2.  Press 1 for all channels.
3.  Press 103, or 963 if you want audio description and are not in
for ITV1.
4.  Press right arrow once.  This is because you are highlighting the
current programme when you first land on the channel.  So one right
will take us to 7:30.
5.  Hit record.
6.  Hit the Series Link button.
7.  Press backup, until you hear the channel you were viewing again.
Now what happens is that the box will record every single episode of
until you delete the series link.
One final example.  If you want to play back a program:
1.  TV Guide.
2.  Press 0 to enter the TV Planner.
3.  Press the select key twice.
This will play the oldest programme you have recorded.  So if you want
most recent one, you would just press up arrow, then select once.  If
hear silence, you know you have gone into a programme for playing.  If
don't, you are on a scheduled recording, which won't play, because it
been recorded yet.  If you get the silent treatment, because you are in
programme, just press select or the play key to play it.
So yes, it is very, very accessible, apart from the fact that we can't
the EPG.  But I honestly wouldn't be without my Sky Plus box.  Not only
that, but the sound quality is superior to the ordinary Sky boxes."
Sharon, this isn't in any way criticising you, but I think it's always a
good idea to search the lists archive. You don't know what you are
missing! Though I'd have to admit that I don't do it sometimes ;)

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Hi Sharon,
I am myself totally blind, and wouldn't be without my Sky Plus box.
It's a bit hit and miss, but certainly reasonably accessible, except for
the EPG.  My wife is also blind, and we get on with it pretty well.
All the best
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We are thinking of changing over our sky box to a sky plus box.
I was wondering how user friendly they are, as my husband and I are both
totally blind.  I do have sighted children, but don't want to rely on
them all the time to change a channel or record something, etc.
Any guidance much appreciated.
Thanks, and sorry I seem to have posted to this group rather a lot over
the past week.

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